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Concept & Gestalt 

Georg Kettele develops concepts & gestalts for Brands, Installations, Exhibitions, Products, and Spaces - analog and digital.

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Social Updates

@Instagram 2020-05-01
After the COVID-19 lockdown, we hardly can't wait to surf again. Check out the SuperSeven BB we designed together with Fatum Surfboards Peniche

@Instagram 2020-04-29
We developed a Rug-Generator with #processing and some of the #ai libraries we are currently working on. The output was used to participate in the @rugbygur #design competition in April 2020. Our #rug did not win, but we love the challenge. We might produce some in the future with our #indian partner. #staytuned →


errant sound berlin

#Exhbition 16.09.–02.10.2021 Berlin, Germany
We programmed an A.I. installation for the artist Verena Lercher. Based on the written work by Rolf Dieter Brinkmann the A.I. is generating anti-capitalist advertisment material and play them via a computer voice over speakers and the best one will be printed on a thermo printer. #ai #raspberrypi #python #audio #text2speech #ml 

Open Source Systeme Webinar

#Webinar 2020-05-12
I presented a webinar for the KMU Accelerator program by the WKO Upper Austria about "Open Source Systems" for designers and carpenters. If you are interested in the topic, just drop me an email and I give you the link to the summary with my a link list.