• Client: Tischleirei Lenz
  • Location: Bad Gleichenberg / Austria
  • Project: Holt - Beyond Tradition
  • Partner: Loden Steiner
  • Team: Xaver Kettele

We developed the ON/OFF wall table for the homeworker with a small apartment. We focused on the two moments, the ON moment when you start your work. When you get messy, creative, do research, procrastinate on Facebook. And the Off moment, when you close your table to hide the chaos, finish a day of work and enjoy the evening with friends and family offline. The table works without any metal parts. 

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On Off Georg Kettele 14
On Off Georg Kettele 13
On Off Georg Kettele 01
On Off Georg Kettele 03
On Off Georg Kettele 11
On Off Georg Kettele 04

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