• Client: Kunsthaus Graz / Steirischer Herbst
  • Location: Graz / Austria
  • Credit: KMKG Studio Project
  • Team: Georg Kettele, Martin Kern 
  • Curated by: Adam Budak, Peter Pakesch, Katia Schurl
  • Application: Cycling74 Max/MSP


1 kilometre 28 metres, 5 minutes 26 seconds, more than 100 buildings become 16,300 images. Images that never look alike. Always new moments, always different people make an endless collage. Scenarios of a day – image per image – are combined to a new whole. What connects each of them is the rigid movement of the tram. A ride along the boundaries of Lend and Gries as a part and as an observer of this urban structure, until you leave it to come back later.

Exhibition 22.09.2007 - 13.01.2008 BIX Facade

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Intermediate Georg Kettele Make Taste Not Waste
Intermediate Georg Kettele Iot
Intermediate Georg Kettele 04 B

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